Welcome to my photo site, here you will see a small sample of photographs that I have taken.

A long time ago in a land far away, I started to take pictures of a trip I took with my family. After that, it turned into a great passion. After more than 30 years, I am still photographing today.

This collection of photos, has been taken over the past few years.  I take mostly landscapes, but have done, still art, portrait, wildlife and many others. I used to use the old analog (SLR) camera’s, but now with the new digital age, I use a digital camera from FujiFilm.  Some of the camera’s I have used in the past are Kodak, Olympus and Yashica. Most have the information is embedded in the digital photographs.

Back in the early 2000’s I started creating Christmas cards, calendars, transfers, sweatshirt designs, and scenic wall hangings.

Today after all those years of doing slides, black & white, prints, enlargements, developing 35 mm film, and all the custom items I created over the years, this passion still burns deep within me. So, please take a look. For more information on my work, please email me.

I am a Canadian living in Peru, been photographing since 1979 or somewhere around that time frame. Bought my first SLR camera TL-E, in the mid 80’s then later bought my OM-10. I use my FujiFilm Finepix S2500HD and Olympus OM-10, also still own my Yashica TL-E, which I retired from taking pictures.
Most of my photographs are from Canada and Peru. Also have a small amount from Chile, Germany, Switzerland and USA. I take mostly landscapes (scenic’s), wildlife, urban jungle, panorama, still life and macro.
With my Finepix S2500HD, I now have been taking panoramic scenes which I do really enjoy. But found it, very challenging to photograph panoramic scenes with water, specially from oceans.

To see samples of my work, please visit: TWGPhotostudio

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