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I find sometimes it is a bit tricky with a digital camera than with a normal SLR. Photographing people outside is simple but photographing people indoors under dark conditions can be tricky. The video feature is a breeze really, and the zoom feature on the video camera is simple. Even video-graphing under low light as I noticed doing fireworks is a breeze too, just point and record. The mode control is a matter of getting use to, I seem to rely allot on the manual control and also with the natural light setting.

I have photographed people, when I had my earlier cameras. Then moved into landscapes with some wildlife shots. Now with the Fujifilm I am testing everything all over again. The camera has a nice range, from 28mm to 504mm. The super zoom is something else and clear too, I am impressed. There are different modes on the camera I have been trying to test them all, but finding the right shot is not always right in front of your face. Here being digital, if you make a mistake you can always delete and try again. Allot easier than wasting film on a bad shot.

Seems that I can not get the Olympus SP600UZ. But I can get the Fujifilm S2500HD, which is very nice camera this one is 12.2MP with 18x Optical zoom. Well, it official, this Sunday I will be getting my new Fujifilm S2500HD. It will be a world of photography once more, capturing the world as I see it. Here in Lima, Peru it is quite different from BC, Canada where I moved down from. The coast is desert then to the east is the highlands and farther east is the jungle. Peru has three climate environments. I will try and capture as much as I can, so stay tuned as I post the results.


Well been researching the camera I am going to get. The replacement for my Kodak CX7430, is the Olympus SP-600UZ. This to me seems like a logical choice, besides it would follow my second SLR camera, then I have made the right choice. I like the quality in the Olympus cameras. Keep you posted.

Well, my Kodak camera, i think finally is dying. Every time I put brand new batteries in the camera about 2 minutes later it tells me they are dead. Even brand new alkaline batteries that I just purchased, I even test them and they are still good. But for some reason the Kodak camera says they are dead. I even have the same problem with rechargeable batteries. Oh well, now shopping for a new digital SLR, that is affordable.

Looks like I might have to change or get a new digital camera, seems my Kodak is starting to act a little odd, maybe this time around I get a good digital SLR. Keep you posted.

This is a collection of my photographic images through my Olympus OM-10 SLR camera, my digital Kodak CX7430, and my cell phone Sagem my401L.
There is a collection of the photographs I took when I worked for BC parks back in 1995. These are the dreamy look to it. Most of these were taken outside. Also there are photographs of the computer shop I had for 10 years, there are lots of photos there, most were taken with my Kodak camera. This is a digital point and shoot. And also photos from my Sagem my401L cell phone.

The pictures that have the dreamy look to it were taken with my Olympus OM-10 SLR with the 50mm Zuiko lens using varies filers including the Tiffen Sky-1A, Polarizer. The Kenko filters, Snow Cross, Center Focus, Cross Screen. Also used is the Tamron 60-300mm Macro using filters from Tiffen Haze-1, Polarizer. The flash is a Achiever 260, and the tripod is Soligor.


My Kodak camera is CX7430, digital 35mm point and shoot.


I also have create my own graphics, I have a special software I use for that. I will post my pictures of those here too. If you want some custom graphics made let me know.

The hard part is finding my photos and uploading back to the server. I don’t want to add in my motorcycle pictures, that is for my other blog. Yes I had 2 here with Opera and a couple more with other sites.

My cameras include a Yashica TL-E 35mm manual SLR, my Olympus OM-10 35mm SLR and another 35mm camera (This one is more a collectors camera).


It would be nice doing photography with a digital SLR camera. Mind you nothing so far beats my Olympus OM-10, not even my Kodak. Would really like to get a Olympus E420, but that is on my list, I will get it one day.

I guess, the best is to tell you about my past. I have been photographing since I was 12 years old. My father also still enjoys photography to this day as a hobby. I do it, my father and my sister. I am sure my mother probably would also enjoy it. Over the years I have bought a few different cameras. My first SLR was the Yashica TL-E, which I still have today. I also have my Olympus OM-10, which I also still have and use. My Kodak Easyshare CX7430 I gave to my wife, and new, new Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD Digital camera. I plan to keep photographing until the end.


Now there are some people that take great pictures and the are other people that make great models. I did photograph women in the past. Actually I like to doing that. Doing landscapes photography is really cool and you can get creative. I have been doing photography ever since I was 12 years old. I currently own 3 SLR cameras, 2 that are digital. For me photography is a hobby which I enjoy very much. Photographing people can be challenging, some people are very good photographing people, others are really good photographing nature, with wildlife, sports or fast action, landscapes.

Both my Olympus and Yashica have speciality filters that I bought for the cameras, to add specially effects to the photos. Unfortunately my new Fujifilm does not have threads on the lens to mount filters, so I will have to find another way on adding effects to my photos.


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  1. No, have been doing photography ever since I was 12 years old, I have the gift.

  2. The eye to be creative and take great pictures. You probably have the gift too.

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