Creating Pano’s

DSCF3635I don’t know of any of you out there have thought or even tried this, but the hardest thing to photograph in a panorama picture is a shoreline with moving water or waves. When I photograph a panoramic photo, my settings are manual, which I prefer better cause I find you have more control over what you are photographing. I have tried the motion panoramic cameras and I really don’t like the way they work. I have one on my Nokia cell and it drives me crazy everytime I want to take a pano picture. I have to keep it in line doesn’t show me what I am suppose to be lining up just some stupid dot on the screen and if you don’t line it up properly that dot disappears. Takes me 6 times longer to take the photo. (This to me is a stupid system, whoever the idiot that design this should be shot.) The other hard to photograph in panoramic photos is windy sky screens, specially with objects moving fast on the screen.

Now I also found that pano’s don’t always have to horizontal, you can also take them vertically, but difference is that when taking it vertically only 2 pictures are taken instead of 3.DSCF3638