Altering photographs

So many times when I look at photographs/pictures I see the same thing, people altering the picture before uploading it to the web. Very few of my pictures are altered, that I post online. I believe that if you are a good photographer, you shouldn’t have to alter your photographs to make it look good. Your camera that you use, to take your pictures should be displaying the right colors, these shouldn’t be dull unattractive photos or something that looks washed out.

The old SLR camera’s didn’t do that, that depended on the film. Back in the day, I used many different films and finally used Agfa because it seemed to be the best film for the wide variety of colors. Back then I was photographing a lot of landscape (scenic) pictures. To get the proper color in the photograph, the right film did that. But today everything is done in digital, thus you have to rely on the manufacturer of the camera equipment to provide excellent parts, processors and built in software to produce the right clean colors. This is where a not so good digital camera falls in play versus a professional D-SLR.

When photographing out doors the same rules apply to digital as they did with analog or SLR. Since a lot of new cameras now have built in “scenic modes” into the camera to enhance a photograph for that particular scene, I still enjoying testing my digital camera in manual mode to really understand the way everything works. I gives me the same understanding that I got when I first used my Yashica TL-E SLR. That camera was pretty much as manual as you can get, the only thing that was electronic was the over / under exposure switch on the camera. So, here you couldn’t rely on the camera to take the perfect shot for you, you had to set that up yourself. Then when I moved to my Olympus OM-10 the second I bought was the manual adapter for that camera so that I could do the same thing that I did with my Yashica. The funny thing is today, I still have both SLR camera’s as a reminder how to take good pictures.