Digital Camera’s

Never really took notice before, but now everyone seems to be getting into photography. Now with the new digital camera’s you end up with more people taking photographs and more people almost end up being a pro.

I came across the old style film the other day and actually bought a roll of Kodak ISO 400 / 36. I was even surprise the photo store had the film on sale. So loaded in the Kodak film into my old Olympus SLR camera. The big difference with this stuff and the actually digital is not making any mistakes, cant just delete and take over. Here if you make a mistake, your film still gets used up. So, have to be careful on what I photograph. I have my regular 50mm lens and a manual 60 to 300 Tamron Macro lens, and close ups on flowers or whatever I decide to photograph.

And probably the most important is the weight, man never realize on heavy all this equipment is compared to a digital. I use to carry this stuff up mountains to get landscape shots, I must have been crazy.