Canon EOS Rebel T7

I ended up buying this camera brand new despite all the article’s, I read and seen on Youtube about this Canon So, I got it and the first thing I did was replace the lens with another lens with a normal 18-55 mm IS STM, then purchased the 55 – 250 mm standard tele zoom. Now I am looking into a 10 – 18 mm ultra wide zoom lens to produce great landscape astro photograph’s. I watched an mini youtube video and really am thinking about producing more of these photographs. But like everything I have learned in the past you need special equipment to take photos like these, then expericement a little to get the right desired shot. I believe I do have all the correct equipment to proceed an exceptional photograph.

So as it turns out I own 2 DSLR’s.

Both are fantastic in their own ways, Canon T7, image it produces are true to life, in my opinion, Olympus OMD EM10, all through they are many features on this camera the images always seems to be brighter than what I expect. Maybe I just have to adjust it more. I love the fact, there are 81 focal areas in the viewfinder for clearer, sharper images as for Rebel T7 only has 9. Rebel T7 can produce images at 24 megapixels, you can still see that it doesn’t always seem to be crystal clear, not like the results I get on a 16 megapixel OMD EM10 image. The image above was produced with the Canon Rebel T7 , mounted on a tripod with a remote trigger, I set the camera in manual mode, set the aperature at 7.1, ISO at 6400 with shutter at bulb settings, and held the shutter open for 45 seconds thus resulting the image above which was taken both in RAW and Jpeg mode. This is the jpeg version. I have slight blur effect on the foreground tree, as there must have been a slight wind that I didn’t notice. As like this Rebel T7, the same setting will have to be tired on the OMD EM10 as well.