Finally I have upgraded, I sold my old SLR and upgraded to a new upgraded DSLR, stayed with the same brand, I am use to, besides still have lens for it, but haven’t gotten the adapters yet. I would need to get 2 of them, one a M42 and the other a M4/3. Funny thing is that you can not get the brand of camera in Peru, not the DSLR, the point and shoot’s, yes they exist. Just about all the other brands are there, except for the odd ones are not.

So, when I got back, I checked out the place I bought my first 2 SLR’s, and sure enough they had the one I was looking for, so, I bought it. To tell you the truth, it is the best thing I ever did, I love it. It might not be the newest but, it was released in 2014, which is only 5 years difference, the mark 1 has captured me. Love everything about this camera, the features, the conveniences, everything is at my fingertips, and it is so light compared to the old OM-10 that I had. So, the last little while I’ve been testing out all the features. Takes beautiful pictures.