Old camera equipment



  I never realized how hard it would be to sell off old camera equipment. The digital market has taken leaps and bounds, but to sell a camera that takes film is very difficult specially now a days. I too use a digital, but still it does not compare to a analogue 35mm SLR, the quality from this type of camera is top quality.

 But it is nice when you get to keep the old equipment case, no matter what it will always be better than the new stuff. Since this is a part of my history now, i can now photograph that with the digital.



2 thoughts on “Old camera equipment

  1. Although the majority of my work is digital I still run at least a film per month though the EOS 600 or Nikkormat FT2

  2. Unfortunately where I am, it is getting really hard to buy film, let alone, have it developed. I cant even find equipment or chemicals to do it myself. Atleast you have still that option, that is it cool.

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