My technique

DSCF0176JG  We as humans see different things to each other. What I see in the viewfinder of my camera, is my perception of the world. And this is what I try and capture. But sometimes what I want to see, is not always there so then I change something whether through affects on my camera or through affects in editing the picture afterwards. With digital this can be done fairly quickly. Not like in the old days with the old SLR type cameras. Those you had to develop your film after that is done then you got to edit, crop, enlarge or whatever you wanted to do after the film was developed. Today that is done after you transfer your pictures to your computer and then you can edit, crop, enhance the picture to your liking. This way much quicker and easier than the old method. Editing takes about the same amount of time as developing film, but this depends on what you are editing. And how many pictures you are doing. There are different forms of photography, landscape, urban (people in motion), wildlife, architecture, portrait, and the lists go on. Now a days it seems you can shoot at anytime during the day or night. Old style was early morning or late afternoon, and nighttime. Mid day was bad, so roughly between 10 am to 5 pm was the bad times. Or so I was told and that is the rules I followed. But now a days with digital it doesn’t seem to matter when you go out and photographed a scene. Anytime is good with a digital, cause the camera automatically adjusts all the settings, so you never have a bad shot, except for exceptional or extreme shake.